Hello and welcome to Wedding Films Dublin.

My name is Sean and I’m a wedding videographer  based in Dublin.

I love art, music, cinema and I declare myself as a fan of documentary film. I specialise in the idea of telling stories with a unique style based in emotions, sounds, moments and everything I can see and capture on your most important day of your new life: Your wedding. I believe wedding videos should be real, fun, natural and artistic and a bit emotional. I love to push the boundaries of visual storytelling and aim to create wedding videos that are creative, emotional and energetic throughout. I love the the details, the laughs and all the special moments as friends and family come together. I believe every couple is unique and that each wedding video should reflect this.

Wedding Drone

We are a full-service production company and aerial videography team, creating awe-inspiring wedding films. Wedding Videography Dublin works intimately with our couples to create the wedding movie of their dreams. On your wedding day, our team films all outdoor events from the sky. When the party moves indoors, our crew switches gears and grabs state-of-the-art HD video cameras, documenting wedding festivities throughout the night.